Safe, Efficient & Cost Effective Drilling & Blasting Services.

Cardross Mining is an established provider of drilling and blasting services to the mining, quarrying and civil sectors. We own and operate an extensive fleet of new and modern drill rigs including:

  • Rotary
  • Down-Hole Hammer
  • Top-Hammer
  • Grade Control

Cardross Mining operators are all extensively trained and certified to RII Standards, and have experience in a wide variety of geographical and geological environments.

Cardross Mining delivers blast hole, exploration and specialist drilling and blasting services to numerous clients throughout the East Coast of Australia and Papua New Guinea, with a commitment to the highest levels of safety, quality and environmental management. Our drilling and blasting services include:

  • Production & blast hole drilling
  • Pre-split
  • Depressurisation/dewatering drilling
  • Exploration reverse circulation grade control and sampling
  • Ground anchors & soil nails
  • Drilling and blasting consultancy services

Maximise Productivity through Minimal Downtime

With a modern fleet of drill rigs, Cardross Mining offers clients the capabilities to drill blast hole sizes from 76mm up to 250mm. As well as industry-leading availabilities, Cardross Mining’s commitment to maintenance and quality control ensures minimal downtime on the job throughout their fleet of drill equipment.

Maintenance Workshop

Equipment maintenance is a vital part of Cardross Mining’s drilling strategy. Drill and maintenance crews carry out strict maintenance procedures and experienced fitters undertake scheduled field trips for preventative maintenance programs.

A close working relationship with mining and exploration companies has enabled Cardross Mining to develop systems for routine preventative rig maintenance to support client needs for the reliable provision of drilling services.

To complement on-site maintenance operations, Cardross Mining has a spacious, fully equipped maintenance workshop at its main base in Innisfail. Field crews have 24 hour access to backup service provided by mechanics, fitters, and management personnel.
Cardross Mining believes that the following maintenance is essential to ensure all equipment is kept in good, safe and reliable working order:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Reliability centered maintenance

Grade Control

What sets us apart from other contractors who offer grade control drilling is the quality of our equipment. Our own designed and built rigs raise the bar in this critical step of the mining process, ensuring the cleanest, most accurate samples possible.

Efficiency and accuracy every time

We recognise that there can be no weak links in your mining operation, and our high quality Grade Control rigs set us apart from the rest.
We are able to perform in-pit Reverse Circulation (RC) Grade Control (GC) drilling and sampling with our fleet of track-mounted GC drills with an on-board capacity of up to 96mts.The RC drills are designed to provide a high quality sample with increased levels of efficiency and accuracy, an essential step towards your mine’s optimum operational capability

x6 Tamrock Pantera 1100

Production drilling down to 28 metres depth, either horizontal or vertical; presplit drilling.

x1ESD2 2008-W19

Capable of sharperning all drill bit buttons. Performed in Cardross Mining bit sharpening room.

Assorted devices & manufacturers

Allows shots to be marked up accurately and efficiently.

Quarry Support Trailer
Quarry Support Trailer

Custom tandem axle trailer with a 4.8 tonne capacity. Carries supplies and equipment for use with quarry projects.

Grade Control
Grade Control
x1 Grade Control

Atlas Copco ROC L8 with Metzke sampling ki.

Top Hammer
Top Hammer
x2 2012 Sandvik DP1500i

Current capabilities are drilling hole diametres from 102mm – 140mm with GT60 drilling consumables.

Top Hammer
Top Hammer
x2 2012 Sandvik DP1100i

Current capabilities are drilling hole diametres from 97mm – 127mm with GT51 drilling consumables.