The highest of standards

All managers and supervisors have the necessary qualifications, training and accreditations they require to perform their roles within Cardross Mining. These qualifications include QM S1, QM S2, QM S3, QM S4, Rehabilitation Officers and fire extinguisher training. New employees are trained, in-house, by qualified trainers and assessors to meet the required company standard.

Various job-specific training is RTO accredited and is based on an RII training outcome. All applicable licences, registrations and courses are nationally accredited and updated when required.

Cardross Mining is committed to fostering employee growth within the company by continually providing training opportunities.

Supplier trust and confidence

Over the years we have established close relationships with numerous

suppliers, which has allowed us to maintain our equipment to the highest of standards.

We recognise that prompt payment is of the highest importance when developing trust and confidence with suppliers. Cardross Mining has an unwritten policy to pay creditors within 30 days from the end of the month.